Tips for Choosing the Perfect Necklace Length

A beautiful necklace can enhance a woman's outfit or detract from it. Wearing the right length of necklace is essential for getting the best look. Knowing which length of necklace to purchase for a particular outfit will help a woman to ensure she looks her very best and her jewelry piece enhances her outfit.

How to Choose the Perfect Necklace Length

While necklaces can add a great amount of style to any outfit, they can also distract from the look. A necklace is generally going to attract the eyes to the area where it lies. A woman can use this fact in helping her choose the right length to wear with different types of outfits. Those who are looking for the perfect necklace should check out

Before making any necklace purchase, it is wise for a woman to carefully measure the circumference of her neck. Knowing this measurement will help to ensure the necklace will properly fit and will lie in the right area, whether it be close to the neck or nearer the decolletage. It is especially important to know this measurement if a choker style will be purchased.

The size and length of a woman's neck will determine which necklace styles will look best. Long, thinner necks look best with choker styles, while rounded and short necks will look more elongated when wearing drop length styles.

An open collar shirt or dress is going to pair better with a shorter necklace. This type of clothing beautifully shows off an open neckline and allows the necklace to take center stage.

Long necklaces should be worn with high necklines and long dresses. A long necklace is ideal for office attire, but can also be worn with more formal looks because of the area it falls on, which is just below the bust.

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